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Welcome to the home of Le Creuset where you will find premium cookware, kitchenware, bakeware and wine accessories to suit your cooking, baking and dining needs. With expertise dating back to 1925, Le Creuset professional kitchenware not only meets the exacting standards of renowned chefs worldwide, but also the highest standards of anyone who loves to prepare delicious food at home.


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Le Creuset - Cast Iron Cookware

Le Creuset is recognised the world over for market-leading, premium quality ranges of enamelled cast iron cookware, multi-ply stainless steel, toughened non-stick, and stoneware, along with its outstanding range of wine accessories. Established in 1925, Le Creuset has been making world-class cookware for almost 100 years, innovation remains at the forefront of Le Creuset’s success. Used by leading chefs and keen cooks around the globe, Le Creuset cookware offers outstanding performance time after time.

Each piece of Le Creuset receives two coats of enamel. The first is a ground coat which, once fired at 840°C, is clear and uncoloured. This allows for better adhesion of the second coat, the coloured enamel, to the cast iron. This special colour coat is applied internally and externally. After the enamel is applied it is air dried before being vitrified to produce a highly durable, hygienic and shock resistant finish.


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